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Every heart is filled with magic. When that magic comes to light through a story, it needs wings to be shared with the world.

Who We Are

Judy O’Beirn President

Judy is the President who, like magic, turns your stories into beautiful books. She takes your story, and from it, creates an absolute treasure that you can hold in your hands and share with generations to come. Judy has spun her magic in the publishing world for many years, and her amazing success is only paralleled by the strength and compassion of her heart. She excitedly awaits the day you get to hold your story in your hands.
Creator of Unwavering Strength book series.
Judy is also the President of Hasmark Publishing – the official publisher of all Hearts to be Heard books.

Jenn Gibson Hearts to be Heard Ambassador

Jenn is the beautiful heart who keeps all things organized and running smoothly. She waves her creative wand and effortlessly brings about order and simplicity to all things. Jenn has a unique way of nourishing all the beautiful souls with her quiet presence.

Dave Falle Hearts to be Heard Lead Ambassador

Dave puts his whole heart into every project that he creates. Dave’s love of life and creativity is what makes his heart sing. He has a deep desire to help others bring out their creativity, especially when they often do not have an opportunity to be heard. He looks forward to giving others a voice.

Dave can be reached at

Anne Karklins Hearts to be Heard Ambassador

Anne weaves her magic through the pages of your book. She knows exactly how to create the perfect design and layout on your pages, letting the magic shine through. She is amazingly creative, and can often be found painting and sculpting something beautiful in a quiet space.

Leanne Sexton Hearts to be Heard Ambassador

Leanne is like no other. Through her own unique magic, she has the ability to help others recognize and harness the joy and abundance that life offers. She recently founded The Giving Place, a small, natural and pesticide free, family farm. Her journey started in the spring of 2018 by planting over 2000 lovely lavender plants of English and French varieties in her newly cleared fields and quickly added 5 beautiful, bee hives to share her space. She loves to offer the most brilliant experiences of lavender that she can, from natural products, bouquets and some weekend visits.

Talita Pereira

Talita is an experienced and creative social media expert with a passion for expanding her digital marketing field skills. She’s capable of building brands through social media, developing and executing effective marketing strategies that exceed performance and expectations. In her spare time, she’s created a successful mentorship business through social media to increase Instagram metrics.


Q. How do I become an Ambassador for Hearts to be Heard?
A. The quickest and easiest way is by donating! Additionally there are many fund raising ventures we welcome you to support or host. Marketing us to your community is also of great value. We are continually expanding and coming up with new and innovative ideas for you to get involved so feel free to email at anytime.
Q. How do I nominate someone to have their heartfelt creativity heard ?
A. Fill in the contact form and or email us and we will get back to you with an application form
Q. How is a Recipient Chosen?
A. Either through nominations from an organization that supports individuals who have a disability and/or facing adversity or through individual applications.
Q. What is the Age Requirement?
A. There is no age restriction—all ages are eligible.
Q. How Can I Get Involved?
A. There are a variety of ways that you can get involved with Hearts to be Heard. You can get involved by doing any one of the following:  nominate someone to be a recipient; donate; sponsor; spread the word about HH; share your story and host a fundraiser.
Q. What Types of Stories are Published?
A. Stories that are chosen to be published are all stories that engage the reader and leave them feeling up-lifted. They can either have a beautiful message to share or just be a wonderful story from the heart. Publications do not necessarily reflect the authors personal journey with adversity.
Q. How do I share all this with others?
A. Please share our website or social media links with friends, family and collegues with our deepest gratitude, thank you.
Q. Is this a charity or non-profit?
A. No it is not, however we have created this in collaboration with many charities who will issue receipts.  This is a for profit organization, with no limits on expansion and ideas. If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to contact us or email