Every DONATION gives a voice to Heartfelt Creativity for someone who would otherwise not be heard

We simply couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of our donors.

You are an integral part in giving a voice to heartfelt creativity by helping to publish a story, artwork or music.

As you know, when you give, you receive far more in return. Just imagine the sheer joy you will be responsible for creating, when a dream becomes a reality, because of you. Just imagine the joy when someone who normally gains attention due to their disability turns to focusing on their ability.

Other Ways to Give

If you are interested in any of these fund raising ideas please contact us

Start a Fundraiser :- Create a Fundraising page and promote to your network (friends, colleagues, family)

Join one of our Fundraising campaigns :- Promote one of our campaigns

Create or host a Fundraising event :- Car wash, bake sale, walk-a-thon

Perform Fundraising activities :- Have a garage sale; make something that you can sell (knitted hats or a craft) Help us to spread the word